White tiger kills School Boy in Zoo, Was it Accident?

In a bizarre incident, a Delhi school boy who went to zoo with his friends found himself inside the enclosure of a white tiger but before he could realise his faux pas, it was there just inches away staring at him for his unlawful intrusion. Soon, the white tiger caught the fear-stuck boy by his neck which was dangerous enough for anybody to escape and in minutes he was mutilated by the tiger.

While his friends and other visitors tried to scare the tiger with stones and sticks, it was a futile exercise and the next 15 minutes saw the boy writhing in pain and by the time the police entered the scene, he was dead. While the tiger cannot be faulted for its hostile gesture as it was held captive inside a zoo, the blame game will soon end up with the authorities of the zoo for poor management of the tiger’s enclosure.

"The boy seems to have leapt over the railing into the tiger enclosure… We are trying to find out who this boy was and why he did what he did. The police are here and they are investigating It was a white tiger that attacked," zoo manager Riaz Khan told AFP.

CNN-IBN TV news channel showed a photograph (see below) of the boy cowering inches away from the tiger and Himanshu, an eyewitness told the channel, "Around 1.30 pm, when we were in the reptiles area, we heard very loud screams. We saw some kids throwing in small sticks and stones inside the tiger enclosure… Then we saw that a white tiger had caught a boy by his neck and he was writhing badly in pain. He kept suffering for the next 10-15 minutes but nobody helped him."

Himanshu said he called the police, who came very quickly, but they couldn’t be save the boy who succumbed to his neck injuries. Students and children should be taught to be careful when they visit zoos or authorities should post more zoo monitors to keep tab on visitors, especially teenagers.

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