Where is Pawan Kalyan? His Tweet on Mandela Points at Future Political Role Than Films

Neither in film industry nor in politics, Pawan Kalyan’s name is heard these days. His upcoming film “Gabbar Singh 2” was announced much before he entered politics with his own party that later allied with the Telugu Desam Party.

Recently, his film hit the floor without him in attendance and rumours abound that the actor is still exercising to trim down to attend even the opening shots of the new film. So, the first schedule is almost wrapped up without him, say reports. It was already known that “Gabbar singh 2” will not have Sampath Nandi but Bobby who gave “Power” to the audience recently.

However, the actor sporting a longer beard these days is apparently reluctant to return to the shooting floor. He really looks detached from the stardom and films but even on political front, he is not forthcoming about his next plan.

janasena founder Pawan Kalyan

janasena founder Pawan Kalyan

Breaking his silence for a month, he opened up merely tweeting about Nelsom Mandela, ignoring Gandhi on our own homeland. He further said that he would respond on the ongoing tussle between AP and Telangana in two days time. Otherwise, he eulogized Nelson Mandela, whose reference comes from nowhere, as an example of a true leader who never vied for revenge but stood for peaceful coexistence after becoming the first black President of his country, South Africa.

In his Tweet, Pawan Kalyan said: “IF POLITICS IS ALL ABOUT SETTLING SCORES, then I wonder, if,the Late Nelson Mandela would have had the same attitude like some of our leaders then imagine what he could have done to the South African Apartheid Regime and the white people who tortured & humiliated him & the black people for decades… I hope our leaders walk on the Path that he has shown. Still.. if the leaders take it to that extent then the very people who put them in Power will suffer. And one has to be aware of it.”

Reading beyond the confines of the tweet, it is certain Pawan Kalyan is contemplating more of a political role than filmi role in the future.

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