Where is Ganganam Style Hero Psy? Third One in Pipeline?

gangnamWe all remember Psy, the South-Korean stunner who single-handedly rocked the world by his addictive single ‘Gangnan Style’ in 2012. Everyone danced along the song.

In fact, tennis stars Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams were also seen shaking a leg with each other on court before the start of 2013 Australian Open.

The subsequent video of the single became the first one in YouTube’s history to hit 1 billion views, earning Psy the title of ‘King of YouTube.’

However, as they say “all good things must come to an end.”

Ever since Gangnam style has become an old case, Psy has managed to keep his charm going with his follow up single, ‘Gentleman’ that garnered 842 million views. However, that was it.

Psy has since disappeared from the international market and from the music news altogether. It’s true that people still groove it up on Gangnam Style, but his enigma has certainly ceased to work anymore.

Although a report by BBC news has said that he is enjoying the same attention that he earlier enjoyed globally from the Chinese market, the chance to take over the music industry that did appear in 2012 seems hazy for him now.

Reports in Korea give a hint that the singer is contemplating a huge album in China filming with some tens of thousands of models somewhere in the heartland China.

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  1. for someone who did no promoting himself i would say he did quite good.
    Gangnam style wasn’t that huge a hit where k-pop is popular.
    they think you are the real suckers for making it so popular internationally.

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