Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg addresses at the Internet.org Summit - 2014 in New Delhi, on Oct.9, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature to Unsettle Big Telecom Giants?

whatsappFacebook is gearing up to take a shot at its rivals Google and Microsoft’s Skype with its new toy Whatsapp that is roaring to more than 600 million users around the world with 10% of them from India alone.

The virtually free social group chat Whatsapp has already caught the attention of millions of teenagers around the world and even those accustomed to FaceBook are increasingly showing interest in switching to the inexpensive mode of group chat within the confines of privacy.

While major telecom companies in India like Airtel and Reliance have complained to the regulator TRAI over Whatsapp and seeking a level-playing field, Airtel has gone a step ahead imposing arbitrary charges on its web-users for making online calls.

With TRAI is pondering the fast-developing rivalry between the traditional telecom giants who had to face the wrath of the Supreme Court over bribes, scandals and scams with the 3G spectrum’s auction four years ago, Whatsapp is now eyeing the free voice online, virtually wiping out the hold these telecom companies had on the gullible public.Bellen met WhatsApp screenshot

The latest update from the Android World has leaked the latest WhatsApp voice calling feature with text and images to present screenshots about the feature when it goes live. While Facebook, owner of Whatsapp, is tight-lipped about the leaks, it is evident that the social media giant is on to penetrate the voice calling domain where others have already been bleeding and just waiting for someone to kick them out of scene.

With Whatsapp in hand, Facebook can prove how vulnerable they are now, though in India the regulator may still come in the way.

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