Whatsapp Trying Video Calls as Youtube is on Social Media Again

Whatsapp, now a Facebook venture, is trying to roll out  new feature enabling its users to use its latest new feature video calling. Youtube, a Google venture, is now venturing into social media field that the parent company tried and failed umpteen times.
invite basis and those who see it on their smartphones should switch the feature on and activate it to use. WhatsApp rolled out its voice calling similarly and the video calling is undergoing testing.
The company is facing challlenge in terms of data usage on Internet and unless people have 4G smartphones, they cannot use the feature. It may not work to its full capacity on 3G phones and call drops may give a major headache to those who turn on the feature.
The most-worried competitor will be the Skype, owned by Microsoft now, though several other players in the video-calling domain will get routed out when the feature becomes a norm on Whatsapp.
On the contrary, Google never lost hope to enter the social media domain despite its series of failures since the days of Google Chat, Orkut, Google+ and now Youtube+ or something. It is toying with the idea of throwing in some social media features for sharing videos and sharing some remarks with viewers.
While Google is hoping to rope in more viewers or hook them on to YouTube for long, Whatsapp is working on a feature that can lessen the data usage for video calls online. So, who will be the winner?
Photo Credits: WhatsApp.com

Photo Credits: WhatsApp.com

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