What Kanhaiya Kumar Said in his Statement to Delhi Police?

Before bringing JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar to Patiala Courts in Delhi, the police had his statement ready.

Kanhaiya had written in Hindi that he would not support anti-national sloganeering and groups which held the event in JNU campus. But this was precisely what he said on India News TV channel before his arrest the Delhi Police. Those who have watched the TV debate over JNU incident may realize that much ado about sedition actually was not there as his statment reiterates the same meaning and stand that Kanhaiya Kumar held.


Here is what he wrote in the statement that was issued by Delhi Police chief BS Bassi amid fanfare and beating of the JNUSU leader in the court when he was brought.

It reads: “I would like to appeal to all students union and organizations to maintain peace. I am an Indian and I don’t support anti-national activity. I condemn the February 9 event, which happened at JNU. I believe in unity and integrity of the country. I saw the video and would like to say that some people in it were from JNU and a section of outsiders were raising slogans (anti-national). I have full faith in the Constitution and I condemn such event. I believe in integrity and unity of the country — (Signed) Kanhaiya, 17/2/2016.”

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