What happens if no winner emerges for Mega Millions $640M Jackpot again?

From $460, Mega Millions jackpot amount has touched an amazing figure of $640 million and is racing close to $700 million by the time the most-awaited draw is held at 11 pm tonight.

What happens if no winner emerges for the jackpot again? Already the amount is tripling with no winner for the jackpot. It will get accumulated and may move to the next level which may even be the magic figure $1 billion, a world-record amount.

Already office-goers are agog with the mania and are on a buying spree irrespective of the pitfalls it may have when they really win the prize. One positive impact of having no jackpot winner on Friday is that the amount for other winners may be more.

The biggest amount ever in the world for a lotto will drive more in the nation to buy the billion-dollar worth ticket but the flip-side of it is that it portrays the desperation of a country which has witnessed massive unemployment and economic-slowdown in the last five years.

The country also needs to be wary of its millions of citizens who may fail to get even the smallest $10 in prize amount. With their hard earned or saved money spent over a trivial hope, with their last-ditch efforts to get rich going futile, and with their rich dreams shattered badly overnight, all that would remain in the nation would be a negative or pessimistic populace, at a time when the nation actually needed more optimism.

Despite all the negativism, here is an opportunity for the desperate to look more cheerful till the jackpot ends in someone’s hands.

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