Westernised Education Dealt a Blow to Indian Values and Culture, says Rajnath Singh

The main objective of education is "comprehensive development of the personality," said Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh while addressing people at the Chopsani Schools Centenary celebrations in Jodhpur on Wednesday.

Criticising the present system for not fulfilling the main objective, Singh said, westernised education concept brought by Britishers is responsible for dealing a severe blow to the values and culture of the country. He said, "This education system has dealt a severe blow to the values and culture of the country, for which, India has been recognised across the globe."

According to reports, terming Indian culture to be unparalleled, Singh said that only Indian culture and value model is such rich and holistic that it thinks not only about the human being but everything on the earth, be it lifeless.

Meanwhile, Singh said everyone has unique talent and ability and there was a need to provide an opportunity to them. "Unfortunately everyone does not have access to this opportunity," he added.

However, he assured that his government would provide the opportunity to all to identify and harness the talents and abilities of the students in the interest of the nation.

Singh urged that people have to realise the malicious intentions of nipping this value and cultural model behind introducing this westernised educational model and said never treat us as inferior, which the education system of present time seem to be instilling in the new generations.

Singh has also mentioned that Indians have only got assurances since Independence. He also criticised that India would have been a prosperous nation if all those assurances were converted into reality. "Had these assurances converted into reality, the country would have been a recognised super power and a prosperous nation," he said.

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