Watch Pearl coloured Moon, Not ‘Pink Moon’ Tonight, 14% Smaller in Size

Tonight at 8:30 PM the moon appeared smaller in size despite tomorrow being a full moon day as per the phenomenon that occurs once in 15 years. The Mini Moon will be 14 per cent smaller tomorrow.

Tonight, sharp at 9.35 PM IST, the moon will be at apogee or the farthest point in its orbit around the earth, in a distance of around 4,06,350 km from the earth instead of its usual 3,84,000 km away from the earth.

However, the exact ‘Mini Moon’ phenomenon will occur at 10.55 AM tomorrow and invisible to human eye in the daylight. Slighty lighter in shade, it will appear in the night still as the ‘Mini Moon’.

In case you miss it, you have to wait until December 10, 2030 to see Mini Moon also known as Pink Moon though its colour remains its usual silvery pearl and not any shade of pink as rumors are put out in social media.

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