Watch Google’s Robot Enacts ‘Karate Kid’ Scene (VIDEO)

Google-owned Boston Dynamics is into robotics and their latest project is a robot that can re-enact a famous scene from the film “The Karate Kid” but the robot looks more terryfying than the human by all means and looks scary at 6’2″ tall, weighing 330 lbs.

Named Ian, the robot was programmed by IHMC in Florida. It bagged the second position at the US government’s Robo-Olympics held recently. In addition to the Karate Kid act, it also walks, carries a fire-hose and gets into a car and even drives away.

Here’s the video uploaded on YouTube:

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  1. I can’t say that’s much impressive. Just a simple balancing act.

    Youtube is filled with much more impressive robot tricks, for example:

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