Watch Celestial Extravaganza Tonight as Moon, Venus and Jupiter Form in One Line

Watch moon, venus, jupiter appear in one line tonight and tomorrow.

Watch moon, venus, jupiter appear in one line tonight and tomorrow.

As Ramadan’s crescent moon will appear on Friday evening, there will be Venus and Jupiter giving it company making it a celestial extravaganza with the three in a row in the sky as if they are in a divine meeting.

Moon, the second bightest object in our solar system will meet the third and fourth brightest planets in our solar system on Friday night looking as if they are in congregation when seen from the Earth appearing almost side by side though in reality they will be millions of miles apart.

The Ramadan crescent Moon will be seen as a small silver line next to Jupiter, while Venus, which is brighter than Jupiter but smaller in size, will appear brightest of all as it is closer to the Sun. In fact, Venus is the second planet from the Sun at 77 million km from Earth, and Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun at 909 million kilometres away though it is the solar system’s largest object.

The spectacular event, which is referred to the Biblical “Star of Bethlehem” that led the magi to baby Jesus is similar to what you can hope to see tonight. “The way that the planets are arranged in the most recent conjunction is believed to be the same as that event over 2,000 years ago,” said Albert Lim of the Astronomical Society of Singapore, or TASOS.

In July, many people have made it an occasion to throw “conjunction parties” and putting their selfies with the celestial event on their social media network.

“You have a thin crescent moon forming a triangle with two bright planets, Venus and Jupiter, in the western sky. So although conjunctions are not rare, the event is beautiful and scenic, and a great opportunity for photographers to explore creative angles,” Lim told the Straits Times of Singapore.


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