Video grab of Australian pedestrian hitting pole (Youtube)

Watch Angry Pedestrian’s Funny Youtube Video Going Viral Now

Here is a funny video going viral on Youtube, captured wisely spanning less than a minute. It shows a middle-aged man in Adelaide, who was crossing the road with his dog. Unprovoked, he gesticulates angrily and abuses the driver. But he forgets that he was running head long to hit a pole and the video title says, “Angry Pedestrian Gets Instant Karma”. It has received 6.9 million viewers so far in just four days. See the video here:

Angry Pedestrian Gets Instant Karma

The story behind the video goes like this. TMK engineer Chris Smith, 49, who posted the 20-second video on his Youtube channel ChrisSmithOne77 on Thursday night, said he pulled up his vehicle at the intersection of Wyatt and Flinders streets in Adelaide on Tuesday afternoon, when a man walking his dog gestured rudely.

The moment when the man continued to walk headlong into a light pole has made all the difference and the innocuous looking video gathered more than 6 million views on Youtube and also it was shown on many prime TV channels.

Explaining the situation, Mr Smith said the pedestrian had thought he did not slow down enough. “He was gesturing at me that I was going too fast, even though I didn’t think I was at the time. He wasn’t watching where he was going and hit the pole, then he saw me laughing.”

Mr Smith said the angry man may come back and hit him or his car but suddenly he turned around and walked away. When a colleague advised him to upload the video on Youtube, he did it and was surprised to see the whole world watching it.

“It got shared and shared and shared … I spent an hour or two deleting emails from Youtube that were sent every time someone commented on the video,” Mr Smith told Adelaide Now. More than Youtube revenue, he said a company called ViralHog bought the rights for the video and the payment was good.

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