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Want to Improve Your Sperm Quality? Try Having Casual Sex: Study

Man produce healthier and better sperm in a shorter amount of time during an encounter with unfamiliar sexual partners according to a new study.

According to an interesting research Men who sleep with a variety of different partners produce better quality sperm and more promiscuous men reach orgasm faster.

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Scientists who carried out the study at The College of Wooster in Ohio, USA, hopes that the findings can be used to aid the treatment of infertility.

For the research, 21 healthy men with no history of sexual dysfunction, who were asked to provide semen samples while watching different explicit clips in a private room over the course of 15 days.

Clips which was shown to the men used the same male and female for six clips, but the seventh clip involved a different female but the male was same. According to this study published in Journal of Evolutionary Psychological Science, the researchers found that the men produced healtheir, higher volume of sperm, when they were exposed to seventh clip featuring a different female.

“An increase in the total number of motile sperm may result in higher likelihood of fertilisation and greater ability to compete with other male’s sperm,” Whereas a decrease in the time to ejaculation may decrease the likelihood of an extra-pair copulation (with a partner that is not your own) being detected.

“Future studies could assist medical professionals in devising improved strategies for male infertility diagnosis and for assisted reproductive technology,” they write.

“Our findings are the first to demonstrate that men’s ejaculate behaviour and composition change in response to novel female stimulus,” the authors concluded

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