‘Walk, Exercise, Keep Yourself Healthy,’ urges Harsh Vardhan

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan urged the citizens in the national capital to make health a social movement so that the disease burden of the country can be brought down.

"To keep one healthy, walking is the easiest exercise. It is very important to reduce the disease burden of the whole world that has been caused due to physical inactivity. I will be very happy as a health minister of this country if I can make 122 crore Indians walk for least half an hour every day," said Vardhan, flagging off a Max Bupa Walk for Health event held here.

According to reports, “Lifestyle diseases are causing more deaths in India than infections. I have to get the message across that walking, playing sports, eating nutritious food and saying no to tobacco and alcohol can cut down risk of all the major killer diseases, such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and cancers.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 40-45 percent of the disease burden of the whole world is only because of physical inactivity.

Max Bupa Walk for Health is a joint initiative by Max and Bupa, which has been educating families about the benefits of walking to bring about a positive and long-term sustainable behavioural change in their health and overall well-being.

The event witnessed the participation of 15,000 people, including children, who pledged to incorporate more walking into their daily routine.

Meanwhile, as per health experts, preventive healthcare lacks in India. According to reports, only about 10 per cent of adults in the country are opting for vaccines. Though people has become more health conscious, only a minuscule population is opting for vaccines to prevent illnesses like flu and meningitis.

Ravindra Gupta of the Internal Medicine department of Columbia Asia Hospital-Gurgaon told IANS, “People do not go to doctors until and unless it reaches a critical point." India reports one-fourth of the world’s cervical cancer cases.

Meanwhile, Harsh Vardhan reportedly said, “I want to improve healthcare delivery by strengthening monitoring systems and motivating public health workers. If we modernise and use the existing infrastructure in an optimal manner, ensure there is no staff, medicines or equipment shortages, health coverage can be improved tremendously.”

However, the minister said, “All have great potential and we need to focus on integration of all systems of medicine to not just treat but also manage and prevent illnesses.”

(With inputs from IANS)

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