Vitamin D Can Reverse Initial Stage Prostate Cancer: Study

Vitamin D can slow down or even reverse the initial prostate cancer or tumours without the requirement for surgery or radiation, says new research.

While the researchers are not sure at this stage about the connection, they said vitamin D can at least slow down the multiplying nature of the tumour, which is crucial in initial stage prostate cancer.

Vitamin_DIn many cases when the biopsy is taken, it requires 60 days for the inflammation from the biopsy to subside for an operation and during this supplements of vitamin D would be helpful, while under active surveillance, said researchers.

“We do not know yet whether vitamin D treats or prevents prostate cancer,” said Bruce Hollis from the Medical University of South Carolina. “At the minimum, what it may do is keep lower-grade prostate cancers from going ballistic.”

In their clinical trial, the team studied 37 men undergoing elective prostatectomy with one group receiving vitamin D and the other in the placebo group.

Those who were on Vitamin D supplements showed improvements in their prostate tumours and those in the placebo group remained unchanged. Even the expression levels of many cell lipids and proteins in the first group were improved considerably.

“Cancer is associated with inflammation, especially in the prostate gland… and Vitamin D is really fighting this inflammation within the gland,” Hollis noted.

The group has presented its findings at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Denver, US.

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