Virtual secretary for you!

New York, April 3 (IANS) Here comes an all-knowing app that combines a plethora of services on your smart phone like email app, restaurant searching app, text messaging app, the calendar app into one.

Named Emu, this app is fully integrated with other services on your smart phone and makes what has traditionally been a fragmented and frustrating messaging experience seamless and efficient.

The app combines the benefits of a messaging app with a digital assistant and a smart calendar.

It can facilitate tasks and minimise number of text messages you have to send to coordinate plans, a report in said.

The app has a driving auto responder.

If it thinks you are driving based on the speed you are moving, it would auto reply to friends who text you.

If you are planning to watch a movie with your girlfriend, it would pull up what is showing at the theatre nearest your home address to both.

You can reap its benefits only if you and your contacts all use the app exclusively.

“Emu shows your current progress on the map whether you are walking, biking or in a vehicle – eliminating a lot of the back and forth in text messaging,” the report added.


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