Viral video: Salman Khan Tears His Jeans and Eats it Too

A video showing Salman Khan tearing his jeans and eating it too is going viral on social media but it turned out to be not for the promotion of his ‘Being Human’ new brand of edible jeans but his upcoming film.

The video shows Salman in an absent-minded state depicting the lead role in his film “Tubelight” and what surprised many was that he keeps it in his mouth and chews it for some time before removing.

The question is whether this was a pre-meditated act or someone has caught him unawares. Looks like the Bolywood hero has one or two traits of his childhood habits which refuse to go away.

But for the ad people of “Tubelight” this comes as a great chance to promote the film freely over the Youtube as already lakhs of people have watched it and it may cross millions before the teaser for “Tubelight” actually hits the Youtube.

Directed by Kabir Khan, the upcoming movie “Tubelight” depicts an innocent character who struggles to bring back his soldier brother from the clutches of the enemy nation during war. It will be released on June 23 to coincide with the festival Eid ul-Fitr to mark the end of Ramzan.

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