Water Ultimate Source of 10 Million Good Bacteria Per Glass, Reveals Study (Video)

In another breakthrough study, Swedish researchers have come out with a new study that throws light on an unbelievable 10 million good bacteria found in a glass of filtered water. No wonder, healthcare specialists insist on drinking more than 3 litres of water daily, which means 120 million bacteria intake amounting to maximum resistance generation in the body making it healthier.

Good bacteria also helps in purifying water and keeps us healthy, say Sweden’s University of Lund researchers who were startled to find that water is naturally purified in our taps and purification machines and extend their activity inside the body to fight germs. The bacteria is visible in the form of a thin coating alongside the walls of the pipes and inside water filters called biofilm.

While good bacteria is known for its existence and positive action, the number at 10 million per glass is what is astonishing, said the study claiming it was the first time the bacteria was counted in such huge numbers. Revealing the new eco-system that will have far-reaching impact on water studies in the future, the new study’s lead author Catherine Paul of the University of Lund says, “Formerly, you could hardly see any bacteria at all and now, thanks to techniques such as massive DNA sequencing and flow cytometry, we suddenly see eighty thousand bacteria per millilitre in drinking water.”
“From having been in the dark with a flashlight, we are now in a brightly lit room, but it is only one room. How many different rooms are in the house is also an interesting question!, ” she adds. the research work done by her doctoral student Katharina Lührig, has been published in Microbes and Environments.

gut bacteria

One glass of purified water contains 10 million good bacteria.

It was known that our intestines are full of gut bacteria, which are good and keep us healthy but the new study shows that they are also active in purifying water that we drink daily.

The researchers found one type of bacteria called Sphingomonas that is found in high quality water. “This bacteria can consume non-desirable organic material, and even toxic chemicals and types of plastic. It also withstands chlorine”, she says. The good bacteria not only eats dirt but also releases substances that make the water taste and smell good, she points out.

Since bacteria and biofilms are found everywhere in plumbing, taps and water pipes, the new revelation will be very useful when updating and improving the water pipe systems are undertaken, says the researchers team.

“The hope is that we eventually may be able to control the composition and quality of water in the water supply to steer the growth of ‘good’ bacteria that can help purify the water even more efficiently than today”, says Catherine Paul.

so, the question is whether to use chlorine to purify water or not. Chlorine is bad but adding minerals to purified water with chlorine is the best answer, say another research.

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