Varthu-Bellandu is Passe, Maragondanahalli (Ramapura) Lake Seen Covered with Froth

One more lake has fallen prey to industrial waste in Bangalore with froth decimating the water beneath totally as reports showed. This is second such lake which has become a victim of mindless industrial waste illegally diverted to lakes in the tech capital of India.Map of Maragondanahalli Lake, Bengaluru, Karnataka

History shows that 40 years ago when the locality people faced acute shortage of water to drink and irrigate, a woman florist whose name is not recorded came forward, gathered people and built this lake.

The 19-acre lake sustained locals for more than four decades until now. Bengaluru Urban’s Zilla Panchayat, supposed to be the custodian of the lake as per records is not even aware of it.

Two years ago, froth of Varthur-Bellandur lakes started producing poisonous gases that the fish and other aquatic life was washed ashore dead and now the Maragondanahalli lake (Ramapura lake) is joining the devastation.

The land between the Kalkere and Maragondanahalli lakes, measuring 350 acres cumulatively, is facing gradual death with froth covering the water totally. Lake officials have termed it as the “next Bellandur” for its destruction.

An IISc experts’ report has squarely blamed the froth in Varthur-Bellandur lakes on garment factories in the vicinity which have diverted the waste from washing after jeans manufacturing. Secondly, high-rise apartments have contributed considerably reduced the land tract with farmers selling off their lands to landsharks and moving away.

One resident by name Prakash told the Hindu that the volume of sewage coming in had increased in the past two years resulting in enormous increase in froth. “This is the only water for us, and our cows are forced to drink it, while farmers have to use the water for their farms,” he told the Hindu.


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