Vanautu Earthquake: Tsunami Warning Withdrawn

Map showing extent (w,s,e,n) = (161.8205, -19.3519, 171.8205, -9.3519)
Location: 14.352 °S 166.821 °E depth=35.0 km (21.7 mi)

After an earthquake measuring 6.9 on Richter Scale hit the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu on Sunday, officials issued a tsunami warning but later retrieved it saying the intensity was not as large as initially estimated.


  1. 2016-04-03 08:23:53 (UTC)
  2. 2016-04-03 13:53:53 (IST) or 1:53 PM

Nearby Cities

  1. 81km (50mi) NNW of Port-Olry, Vanuatu
  2. 135km (84mi) NNW of Luganville, Vanuatu
  3. 407km (253mi) NNW of Port-Vila, Vanuatu
  4. 728km (452mi) N of We, New Caledonia
  5. 862km (536mi) N of Paita, New Caledonia

Earlier, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre measured the magnitude at 7.2 M but later revised it down to 6.9 and also the depth was revised from 33-km to 10-km. The Centre in Hawaii later issued a statement saying, “Based on all data available, the tsunami threat from this earthquake has now mostly passed. Any remaining threat should be evaluated by local authorities in impacted areas,” giving relief to local residents officials of the islands. The waves from the sea are not expected greater than 30-cm high and hence they ruled out the tsunami fears.

The quake struck 151 km north-northwest of Vanuatu’s Santo island and the Vanuatu Meteorological Services said there were no reports of damage. A 7.3 magnitude quake jolted Vanuatu in October and a 6.3 quake struck in December without causing any tsunami or physical damage.


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