Valentine’s Day: Celebrate V-Day with a Color Theme

​Whether you’re single or have a significant other, this Valentine’s Day keep up with the international trend of traffic signal parties and select from a range of colour-themed beauty packages based upon your relationship status.

Colour coded parties wherein the colour of one’s outfit signals their relationship status has been trending internationally lately, and Lakme Salon has taken the trend further to devise ‘The Colours of Love’ beauty packages on the basis of one’s relationship status, said a statement.

Red, the colour of love, is for those who are committed and happily in love. Amber is for those who haven’t made up their minds and Green is for those who are single.

For those in love and in the mood to celebrate, indulge in the Red Hot Love package that includes cocoa infused services such as a chocolate wax, masque, manicure and pedicure.

While chocolate is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, and is great for the skin, it is also known to have aphrodisiacal qualities, therefore preparing you for your valentine date in more ways than one. Finish your final look with a deep red lipstick and blood red nail paint and let the world know that love is in the air for you.

For those who have a complicated relationship status, make this year a memorable one, because after all the day is all about love — for yourself. Indulge in an Ambiguous Amber package that includes a strawberry fruit clean up, moisture balancing spa, foot reflexology and complimentary make-up.

And for all the single ladies, shine at the party and look your beautiful glowing best so that your knight in shining armour may come along and whisk you off your perfectly pedicured feet.

You can opt for the Single Queen in Green package and get a quick glow masque, change of polish and a wash & blow-dry to look fabulously ready to mingle. You can also avail the complimentary make-up to look more glamorous for your date night.(IANS)

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