Valentine Day Notice in Bangalore RV College Stuns Many

All girl students were taken aback in Bangalore’s RV College of Engineering when a twitter post showed a photocopy of an "order" in the name of Principal that said girls without boyfriends will not be allowed entry.

It said "Attention Ladies!!" on top below the RV College of Engineering letterhead. It then read:

"It is mandatory for all girls to have one boyfriend by 14th February. This has been done for security purposes. Single girls will NOT be allowed to enter into the College premise. They’ll have to show a recent picture with their boyfriend. Spread Love — Signed (Principal)."

While many students were surprised to see such a Valentine Day notice, the college administration approached the Cyber Cell in Bangalore for further action to identify the one who posted it. Otherwise, the fake notice was spreading all over facebook and Twitter among the students as of now.

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