Uwingu Sends 90000 ‘Beam me to Mars’ Messages; To Submit List to US Congress, NASA, UN

Uwingu, the space funding outfit, has reportedly finished sending 88,798 messages it collexcted from earthlings under the “Beam Me To Mars” initiative to send digital radio-wave transmissions of their names, messages and pictures to Mars. The entire transmission will be repeated again, before th copies are sent to the US Congress, to NASA headquarters in Washington, and the United Nations in New York.

Uwingu has collected $5 to send only names and $99 for a picture and a long message attached with the name under the ‘Beam Me to Mars’ project. On the occasion of 50th anniversary of the first robotic mission sent to Mars called Mariner 4 by NASA, the radio transmission to Mars was reportedly taken up on Friday Nov. 28 at 3 p.m. EST/2000 GMT/01:30IST and the company said it would repeat sending the transmission twice later.

Uwingu is yet to confirm successful transmission of messages but the messages take 15 minutes to reach Mars and the set had logos from over 25 space organizations and corporations, besides messages from many celebrities. “Though there’s no one on Mars to receive the messages, they will be heard loud and clear on Earth,” Uwingu’s chief executive officer Alan Stern, a former NASA science chief who also heads the space agency’s New Horizons mission to Pluto, said. “All of the messages will be hand-delivered to Congress, to NASA, and to the United Nations.”

Among the celebs, Motion picture actors Seth Green and wife Clare Grant, Star Trek actor George (“Sulu”) Takei and husband Brad Takei, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, former International Space Station commander and media star, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, Commercial astronaut Richard Garriott, former NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, Pulitzer winning author and playwright Dava Sobel (Galileo’s Daughter, Longitudes) Author and screenwriter Homer Hickam (The Rocket Boys, October Sky), NBC’s “The Voice” Season 4 participant, Mary Miranda and others are included.

Half of the “Beam Me To Mars” money raised will go to the Uwingu Fund, which underwrites space research and education grants and the rest will be used to cover the cost of the transmission and other related expenses to undertake Uwingu’s other ongoing campaigns.

[To see some of the messages sent by celbrities, click HERE]

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