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Usain Bolt Wins 200m, Tumbles Down Later After Colliding With Photographer

If you’re a fan of Justin Gaitlin or Tyson Gay or any upcoming sprinter who has been hailed as the potential conqueror of Usain Bolt, then you must thank a photographer on a Segway for discovering a ‘unique’ solution for stopping the world’s fastest sprinter.

As unusual or baffling might it sound, it’s in fact true. On Thursday night, Usain Bolt acquired his second gold at the World Athletics Championships at the Beijing National Stadium also known as Bird’s Nest Stadium, defeating Justin Gaitlin by 19 seconds. Not only was the stadium cheering and applauding his yet another victory on the event, but also for the fact that they could be a spectator of the current fascinating rivalry between Gaitlin and Bolt that took the race to a whole new level.

However, what gathered even more attention was when Bolt ran down the sidetrack, enjoying his victory lap with the Jamaican flag thrown around his neck and a photographer on a Segway scooter totally lost control and toppled over the 29-year-old. The champion fell on his back, crashing down on the photographer’s legs, but managed to do an impressive somersault to stand erect on his feet again.

Bolt, who remained uninjured, completely laughed off the incident and instead started a light witted joke, saying that the photographer successfully took him out, as per the orders of Gaitlin. “The rumour I’m trying to start right now is that Justin Gaitlin paid him off,” he said.

Gaitlin didn’t shy away from extending the joke as he reciprocated by saying that he was unhappy with the photographer’s execution. He said: “I want my money back. He didn’t complete the job.”

The incident nearly took control of Twitter as everyone; including celebrities and other athletes, shared their reactions about it.

The race was a big challenge for both the Jamaican and the American as the latter entered the championships as the world’s fastest athlete this year, with 28 straight wins in races. During the mid of the race, Gaitlin and Bolt were running on the same level, but as “The Great Usain Bolt” is known to do; he saved the best for the last and went almost 2 meters ahead of Gaitlin at the end, finishing the race in 19.55 seconds. Gaitlin acquired the second spot with 19.74 seconds, and South African Anaso Jobodwana secured the third spot in 19.87 seconds.

The only other race left for Usain Bolt to participate now is the 4 x 100 meters relay race.

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