US Withdraws from Paris Climate Change Pact, Another Failure by Greens

As promised to his voters, US President Donald Trump has signed the papers to withdraw from the Paris Agreement signed amid euphoria in 2015 stipulating compliance to maintain global warming within 2 degee celsius.

The US contributes about 15% of global emissions of carbon, but its dependence on caol-related carbon emissions are much lower and it has been a major player in supplying finnance and technology to mitigate global carbon emissions.

Environmentalists within the US have been crying foul as it erodes moral authority that the US exercises on pollution-causing nations worldwide. Besides giving up its moral leadership, they say it would be a historical mistake.

Michael Brune of the Sierra Club, an environmental activist group in the US, told BBC that the US withdrawal will be a
“historic mistake which our grandchildren will look back on with stunned dismay at how a world leader could be so divorced from reality and morality.”

Significantly, China which has been facing choked cities for over a decade has come out in support of the Paris Agreement and so is India though it is not willing to accede immediately to strict pollution control measures but comply them in a phased manner as a developing nation.

China is likely to fill the gap created by US absence in the world environmentalists group and work with the EU pledging greater co-operation to cut carbon emissions. “No one should be left behind, but the EU and China have decided to move forward,” reiterated EU climate commissioner Miguel Arias CaƱete.

Essentially, US has utilized natural resources to peak and its withdrawal triggers similar resistance from developing countries to comply with the carbon emission norms. The US model of backing down may dilute the entire environmentalists’ argument to put restrictions on fast emerging nations. Another failure for greens across the world.

What follows is rather intriguing. Every nation will emulate the same stance and look inward first before bothering about other’s environmental problems. When it really becomes everybody’s problem, no respite from damage will be there at hand for humanity.


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