UK Researchers Develop New Broccoli Variety to Cut Down Heart Diseases

Researchers have found that a new broccoli variety, which is known for reducing heart diseases, is able to bring down bad cholesterol in blood by 6 percent.

The new variety has been developed to contain naturally occurring glucoraphanin by two to three times and is released in the UK supermarkets under the brand name Beneforte.

Charlotte Armah from the Institute of Food Research (IFR) in Norwich says, “Evidence from two independent human studies indicates that consumption of high glucoraphanin broccoli significantly reduces plasma LDL-C (Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol).”

The two studies conducted by the University of Reading saw researchers test it on 130 volunteers giving them 400 grams of the high glucoraphanin broccoli per week, besides their normal diet.

The experiment conducted for 12 weeks in a row saw the levels of LDL-cholesterol or bad cholesterol in the blood stream of the volunteers drop by about 6 percent.

Though the drop is minimal, researchers say it is better to have even one percent drop in LDL-cholesterol that can translate into one-two percent reduction in the risk of coronoary artery disease.

Glucoraphanin is known to have helped human body by reducing retune cellular metabolism and the new broccoli variety containing it has been developed by researchers by usual breeding techniques. The study has been published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.



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