UK Camden Street Sweeper Wins £4.5 Million Lotto Jackpot, Goes to Job Next Morning

For Joseph Whiting, 42, Wednesday turned out to be a wonderful day with his lottery ticket bought just minutes before the closure winning him £4.5 million the same night but he oculd not believe his fortune that he dutifully walked to his job to sweep the streets next morning.

The Camden sweeper won £4,570,887 with a ticket bought just 9 minutes before the deadline and plans to buy a bigger house, go on holiday with his children to Disneyland and of course, buy a ticket to his favourites Arsenal match and go for driving lessons.

He finally handed over his resignation notice to his manager on Monday. "My line manager was made up for me… I enjoy it, it isn’t a bad job and I work with a good team. However, I won’t miss getting up at four in the morning," he said.

Whiting ticket had the winning combination of 09 19 22 34 41 46 (06) in the draw taken on the same day night, which he checked and unable to imbibe it fully, went to his job as usual the next morning.

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  1. Good Luck with your Win ! May we all get lucky someday

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