UFO Sighted at Portsmouth, Not Cloud, Confirms Met Office

A man in Portsmouth was quick enough to take a photo of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) above the houses in Portsmouth, which was later confirmed by the local Met Office as not a cloud or weather-related phenomenon.

Lewis Rogers, when he saw the fast moving object in the sky while visiting a friend in the city, said he thought it was an airplane but seeing that it was moving too fast, he immediately took the picture, reported the Daily Star.

Daily Star also quoted Laura Young, from the Met Office who said the image had nothing to do with the weather and it was not meteorological object or a cloud. “After looking at the images, I can say the object is nothing to do with the weather. It is not meteorological and is not a cloud.” she told the media.

Meanwhile, Twitter went gaga over the potential UFO sighting.

In fact, many Portsmouth residents were alarmed what was too fast to catch in the sky like a typical flying saucer over the south coast.

UFO sightings in the United Kingdom are not new and often left behind crop circles. Quoting a south coast resident Johnny Blackwell, Metro reported: “I don’t believe in UFOs, but when I saw this I didn’t know what it was.”

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