UFO Disrupts NASA TV Livefeed from ISS, Enthusiasts Annoyed

The ongoing battle between NASA and UFO afficianado has reached its peak when NASA TV stopped its ISS livestreaming abruptly after an objective similar to UFO appeared on the screen.

US Space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has cut off the live feed from the International Space Station (ISS) and the row over a possible explanation has caught the attention of the public.

The UFO enthusiasts have alway maintained that NASA frequently encounters UFOs but never allowed leak out the information. But NASA maintained its usual response to such allegations saying, “The station (ISS) regularly passes out of range of the Tracking and Relay Data Satellites (TDRS) used to send and receive video, voice and telemetry from the station.”

The video of NASA’s live-stream of the International Space Station shows a weird little shred of prismatic light that doesn’t vanish with the other reflections but seemingly vibrating above the horizon for a few moments — until the NASA feed mysteriously cuts off.

NASA spokesperson Tabatha Thompson, however, explained, “For video, whenever we lose signal the cameras will show a blue screen or a preset video slate, depending on where you are watching the feed.”

The video captured a horse show shaped object which could be any spaceship or a reflection. NASA scientists explain that it might be reflections from a spacecraft like windows or lights from Earth commonly appear as artefacts in photos and videos from the orbiting lab.

“This is only the latest UFO to show up on the ISS live-stream, though past sightings have borne a strong resemblance to lens flares as well,” said UStream, which advocates the theory of aliens visiting the Earth planet.

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  1. The “NASA” [“Nincompoops Always See Aliens”] school is strong these days, there’s profit to be made in the world of UFOria and on the Internet attracting readers with a track record of willingness to believe ANYTHING that lets them pretend they’re smarter than ‘rocket scientists’. Pity it’s all pretense.

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