UFO Demystified as NASA Balloon in Australia but…

For over half a century, the UFO phenomenon has been gripping the pulse of mankind and several UFO enthusiasts blame it on NASA for keeping things secret while the American space agency gleefully ups the ante keeping tight-lipped.

However, this time many people in Victoria, Australia were going gaga for an unidentified flying object (UFO) they clicked in the sky and put it out in social network sites, while some even called the police. But it was a Facebook page that unmasked the mystery and not NASA.

However, the brouhaha came to rest when Facebook had a post saying “We have had a few images coming into the page about the mysterious slow high flying light over parts of Victoria tonight” and went to add confidently that they were able to “confirm that it is a NASA Super Pressure Balloon (SPB) which was launched last month in New Zealand.”

Then poured many messages admitting that they had initially thought it was a UFO and thanked the post for making things clear about the mystery object in the sky. Many of them have admitted that they thought it was the planet Venus, a jellyfish in the sky or the Goodyear blimp. The post, however, resolved the issue and was shared over 700 times and received almost 1,000 comments.

One woman who saw the glowing object while driving later said:”I looked up and there was this weird thing in the sky, and there was a lot of other cars stopping to look at it too. It looked like a white circle with lines across it. It just didn’t look right.” It was then that she called police who took a report of the incident.

Later, it was revealed that the $1.6 million helium balloon was launched by NASA from Wanaka Airport in New Zealand on March 27 to take about 3 circles around the world before landing in South America.

So, what’s the lesson? Half the time, the so-called UFOs allegedly found by people around the world are actually space-based experiments conducted by NASA. even its earlier, most secret stealth fighter aircraft remained a mystery UFO for many sky gazers until it was officially announced.

In fact, many websites do thrive on the expectation that UFOs are seen and every UFO story becomes a big hit online among the news outlets.

Last Octber, a news item on a satirical website that read “NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in December” and it went viral until proved a big hoax played on gullible Twitter and Facebook followers.

Since it was sourced to fake NASA tweet that originated in website Huzlers.com, which was also known for its past hoax stories such as ‘American rapper Tupac Shakur is alive’ or Ebola dead victims coming alive at funeral, NASA had to confirm soon that it was a fake.


  1. Speaking of “pulse gripping” here in San Diego California a lost alien code has been discovered in my accidental daylight photo of 10 UFOs one of which has the same pattern I found as well in numerous other UFO photos and countless ancient artifacts proving that aliens have been nurturing mankind since the beginning…”UNSETTLING”- Los Angeles Times Google MIke Orrell or “Inaja UFO Photo”….they’re here

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