Ubuntu Phone Aquarius E4.5 to go on Sale in Europe Monday

ubuntuThe Aquarius E4.5 Ubuntu phone is to go on sale in Europe on Monday, with open-source Ubuntu Operating System, that was promised years ago by the Chinese tech giant.

The world’s first Ubuntu phone will be available across Europe from BQ.com

Jane Silber, CEO at Canonical says, “The new experience we deliver for users, as well as the opportunities for differentiation for manufacturers and operators, are a compelling and much-needed change from what is available today. We’re excited that a rising star like BQ has recognised this opportunity and is helping us make it a reality.”

Developed by Canonical, the open-source Ubuntu OS, will bring in several new features to the mobile phone manufacturing soon. The Aquarius phone, priced 169.90 euros, will be giving tough competition to the middle-range phones.

The Ubuntu phone packs a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, an 8-megapixel rear camera and a full HD (1080p) resolution display, which keep it in the top range and advanced.

The phone stands out is with its interface sporting a swipe-from-the-edge feature that allows the user to swipe from the left side to call up a type of dock with all your app icons in a vertically scrolling line. Swiping from the top puts out quick settings on display, logs data, and swiping from the right side lets the user see all the open apps in a scrollable stack of screens.

Another feature allows the user to switch from app to app by swiping right of left from the middle of the screen, with each app sliding in on its own “card.” The company claims that this card-based navigation “Scopes” is easy to adapt a web app to the system.

Even individual elements can be controlled by gestures, says Canonical. A contact on a list can be dismissed or opened depending upon which side you swap.

Another feature that the Ubuntu phone promises is desktop-level computing power in a phone. In addition, the Aquarius E4.5 has dual SIMs and all other features modern mobile phones offer.

In terms of adapting apps for Ubuntu, Canonical says it’s easy too. Compared to Android phones, Ubuntu has less security woes to bother about as its nascent platform supports thos who use minimum apps on their phones.

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