Uber Shows its Ugly Face in Bangalore, Night Time Crime Up Again

Within days after the taxi aggregator was given license formally to operate in Bangalore, a driver of Uber had shown the ugly face of the company in Bangalore when he collided with robbers to drop two techies from Hyderabad mid-say in the middle of night on January 9, 2017.

Instead of dropping them at the designated place, the driver dropped them near NIMHANS on Hosur Main Road and within minutes his friends on a motorcycle approached them with a knife and robbed them of valuables before fleeing away, perhaps to meet the driver who was part of the gang.

The hapless victims are D Virat and his cousin, Venkatesh Rao, natives of Vaidehi Nagar in Hyderabad, who work in Bengaluru software companies got police help soon and went to file a report.

Virat told Bangalore Mirror that the Uber driver, identified as Mohinuddin, in between stopped to pick up some food and later dropped them suddenly on the way saying he was feeling sleepy. “We requested him to drop us at least at the Silk Board junction as it would be easier for us to get another cab there, but he refused,” said Virat.

Soon, they booked another Uber cab and the new cab driver spoke to the old cab driver and they were forcibly taken to Lakkasandra and dropped there before the robbers showed up with knives and loot them.

Soon four people on two motorcycles approached, one on a black coloured Pulsar bike and they took away two mobile phones, a camera and cash, he said. It is not known how they called a patrolling squad, which turned up and took them to the Siddapura police station to file a formal complaint.

A day after this incident, on January 10, a 22-year-old Anika Sanjeevan was robbed in Koramangala soon after she was dropped by a driver of Uber Go cab. She was dropped short of the distance from her destination as she refused to pay him extra Rs.20. Soon, she was robbed.

Uber is turning out to be the ugly face of crime in Bangalore and the police are helpless as the aggregator was licensed to operate despite its worldwide reputation for employing drivers without prior verification about their links with gangsters.

Many Uber drivers ask their passengers, even if they are single, to sit next to them and begin to converse with them to understand the possibility of plotting for a crime. If they realise that they are not locals or not speaking Kannda, then they invariably end up cheating them or helping their friends to come and rob them. It is becoming more pronouced of late.

Earlier delhi was the victim and now Bangalore too is falling for the Uber-driven crime in the night.

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