Typhoon Time: 3 Major Storms Engulf Japan At Once

First it was Lionrock off Japan’s southwest coast to hit on Sunday morning and then Kompasu to the north near Hokkaido Island by Monday and Mindulle in between strengthened into a full-fledged typhoon early Monday morning, all three battering Japan at a time.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) termed the Mindulle to be the most impactful storm for Japan, it is moving into the eastern Honshu Island on Monday with heavy rain, gusty winds, high surf and mudslides. The capital Tokyo is heavily hit by this storm, according to reports.

All international and domestic flights were grounded and nearly 450 aircraft have been grounded in Tokyo due to the Typhoon Mindulle. Meanwhile, Lionrock is expected wreak havoc in Ryukyu Islands before moving toward the southwest.

The third one Kompasu, has, however diluted as of early Monday morning, said local weather forecast. Japan’s official television NHK showed storm water surrounding the city. The condition is expected to be worse reaching its peak by the noon.

The typhoon is 9th in the current season with maximum sustained winds of 126 kph and a maximum wind gust speed of 180 kph, which is the equivalent of a category 1 hurricane, and the weakest on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale.

The JMA has warned of heavy rains and floods in all 23 wards of central Tokyo, while the Prime Minister’s Office reiterated the danger from landslides and damage from strong waves. Japan Airlines has canceled 148 domestic flights and ANA has grounded 96 flights, with 49,000 passengers left waiting for their flights.

Even trains were affected with Odakyu services halted between Tokyo and Hakone, while the Yamagata Shinkansen stopped operating in a section between Fukushima and Shinjo.

In Hokkaido, the Tokoro River in Kitami overflowed forcing evacuation of 6090 people to safe shelters nearby. In nearby hot springs resort, 90 people were stranded due to damage to a road, said officials.

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