Two Moons Visible Tonight Turns Hoax, Disappoints Many

Two moons wonder tonight is a hoax as many sky watchers realized that it was not going to happen, despite typical annual rumours to the effect in the month of August. But the social networking sites are abuzz with the phenomenon, increasing readers’ interest in such stories.

The message initally began spreading on facebook and Twitter saying “On 27th August 2014 there will be two moons.”

The reason was equally convincing that both Moon and Mars will be in the visible distance as if there are two moons and that the event will happen again in the year 2287.”

Mars, it said would be 34.65 million miles away from earth and visible at 12:30 tonight.It read: “12:30 Aug27 you will see two moons in the sky, but only one will be the moon. The other will be time 2287.”— Korah.B. (@jesykorah) August 24, 2014.

But astrophysicists refuted the rumour. “There’ll be no such celestial wonder on August 27. It’s Saturn and Mars coming adjacent to each other. It surely is a nice sight but for a layman it’ll look like another star. Amateur astronomers might be able to make out the difference.” Pramod Galgali of the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore told the Times of India.

Even NASA has refuted the two moons theory in the past. All that one can see is “Once in a blue moon” that occurs twice in every five years. Astronomers refer to the second full moon in a single month as a “blue moon.” The next time we get to see two full moons in a single month will be in July 2015.

High levels of dust or ash in the atmosphere can make the moon look like the orange “harvest” Moon, but “blue” moons aren’t named for their color as they usually look like any other full moon in the sky.

The existence of blue moons is a result of the fact that lunar months don’t exactly match our calendar months.

In 1999 sky watchers saw two blue moons in the span of just three months!

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