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Twitter’s New ‘Retweet Quote’ Allows More Than 140 Characters Now, How?

Twitter_logo_blueTwitter has decided to do away with its decade-old characteristic limit of 140-character rule when you retweet its quote tweet function.

Unlike in the past when adding your remarks to retweets was cumbersome forcing you to copy manually and paste the original text or the link and add then your comment within the golden threshold of 140 characters, now Twitter has made it far more easy to retweet and add your comment exceeding the 140-rule.

All you have to do now is to embed the actual tweet inside yours and add your own comment instead of quoting the tweet and a link. Just click the retweet button and you will get the option “Add a Comment” where you write your remarks or comments or opinion and then post it.

But the catch is that the extra comment should be within 116 characters, but it will embed the original tweet that you are sending across as retweet, which means in all you are sending 256 characters.

To begin with, the new feature is being rolled out on the web and Twitter’s iPhone app that will not let you use third-party app like TweetDeck. Those with Android phones will have to wait for it which is “Coming Soon” according to Twitter.

The feature allows people to share and comment on tweets without shortening the original tweet, which means that its context and meaning is preserved.

Of late, Twitter has become a prime and essential public communication platform with even prime ministers and presidents using it officially but within the 140-character limit.

Earlier, Twitter was allowing to get around the limit of its “brevity” by posting screenshots of quotes from articles. Now, with the new “retweet with comment” feature officially launched by Twitter, users have got an “official permission” to give vent to their loquacity but the feature lets you quote only one layer of tweets.

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