Twitter Quietly Removes Background from Users Profile

twitterinsideTwitter has removed the customized background image and wallpapers the users added in their timeline. If you are wondering why the wallpaper on your timeline is missing, then you are not alone who is disappointed.

Micro-blogging site has made a crucial design change by replacing backgrounds and customized wallpapers from profile pages and timelines with a solid white.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge: “We’re removing background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users. Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (tweet pages, list pages, and collections pages).”

Earlier, Twitter allowed users to change the background image or to select any wallpaper for its timeline.

Some big changes twitter has made:

1) Twitter included more image focus, making profile and header images visible. This changes were made for the web users also. In fact, they got a good response as a normal (without picture) tweet got less re-tweet than a tweet with a picture (more than 100% re-tweet).

2) Twitter started a new tab in their official mobile apps navigation bar for (DM) Direct message. Users were allowed to send and receive images via DM.

3) Twitter added a search filter for app users.

4) To make the site more safer, Twitter enhanced their in-product harassment reporting and made improvements to their block as well.

Although, Twitter did not explain why it has decided to remove wallpapers some sources revealed that Twitter is planning for a more curated news service than a social media platform. On the other hand, some believed that the idea is to give space for ads.

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