Twitter Finally Removes 140 Characters Limit from Direct Messages

Twitter_logo_blueDid you check your Twitter App today? Then we suggest you open your Twitter account and notice that something is missing in Direct Message tab — the iconic limit of 140 characters for messages.

Now, micro-blogging site Twitter allows you to go beyond 140 characters in direct message, and anybody who says that it is a microblogging website should change their wording now. However, for tweets, the limit of 140 characters remains effective as usual.

Sachin Agarwal, Product Manager of Twitter said in a blogpost: “You can now chat on (and on) in a single Direct Message, and likely still have some characters left over.”

He added, “We’ll begin rolling out this change today across our Android and iOS apps, on, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac. It will continue to roll out worldwide over the next few weeks. If you can’t wait to try out longer Direct Messages, be sure you’re using the latest versions of our apps so you get the update right away. Sending and receiving Direct Messages via SMS will still be limited.”

However, the new change is only for direct messages and not for Tweets as it remains same as old 140 characters.

With a tough competition given by WhatsApp and Facebook, in the market of messaging space, the company is sure that instant message is a big deal in the near future.

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