TV News Anchor Reads Husband’s Death, Remained Calm Till Cameras Off

For 28-year-old Supreet Kaur, news anchor on IBC 24 News channel, it was a regular clippings in live news she was reading out and questioning the reporter on the spot about a road accident in in Mahasamund district of Chattisgarh where three died.

But soon the hell broke apart as one of the deceased were her own husband Harshad Kawade, who had gone with two of his friends in a Renault Duster and was hit by a truck and were smashed in seconds. The incident on Saturday morning was read out by her in the studio and realised that it was her husband who died in the accident.

But sticking to her schedule, she finished the news bulleting for the next 10 minutes and when cameras were off, she broke down as stunned colleagues could not believe her composure to maintain the stage norms.

IBC 24 News channel is a popular Hindi news channel in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh covering local news in-depth. See how the news was read out by the brave anchor without showing it on camera:

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