TV actors share what they miss from their childhood

With the country celebrating Children’s Day Friday, small screen actors Ravi Dubey, Tina Dutta, Shama Sikander and Nalini Negi evoke their childhood memories and share some hidden secrets.

Here is what they have to say about what they miss the most from their childhood:

Ravi Dubey: Childhood in Delhi was amazing. I loved playing on the ground. I loved going out with parents to a variety of places including Appu Ghar. I cherish those memories.

Tina Dutta: I miss playing with dolls. Those were so cute and memorable days. I used to drive a cycle too on the streets of Kolkata in my area. I miss eating the mithais I used to eat. Now as an actress I can’t eat excess mithai as one has to maintain one’s figure.

Shama Sikander: I miss the child inside me sometimes as I started working at a very early age. I miss not feeling burdened by being responsible for anything.

Nalini Negi: I miss playing with my friends, my school activities in which I used to be actively part of the culture activities. I miss my mom shouting and doing masti with me all the time.

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