Tsunami Heading to Southern California post-Chile Earthquake


Following 8.3 magnitude earthquake that jolted Chile’s northern coast, a tsunami warning has been issued and authorities said within one hour the waves may reach the coast including the southern coast of California.

In all 5 people have been killed and evacuation is underway on a massive scale as aftershocks in the range of 6 to 4 magnitude hit the area. The evacuation along the 2,400 miles (3,900 kilometers) of Chile’s Pacific shore, from Puerto Aysen in the south to Arica in the north has seen massive movement of traffic on the roads as the airport at Santiago is closed.

Damages were reported from the inland city of Illapel, about 175 miles (280 kilometers) north of Santiago and local televisions were showing the pictures of Illapel’s mayor, Denis Cortes supervising the evacuation process.

The US Geological Survey first said the magnitude was of 7.9 but quickly changed it to 8.3. and aftershocks are reported in the range of 6 magnitude. It hit at 7:54 pm CLT and the quake was 7.4 miles (12 kilometers) below the surface.

The tsunami is likely to arrive at 3 am local time including Californian coast and reports said the waves were not huge and likely to be of 3 ft high.


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