Truecaller Releases Truedialer App Now

Truecaller, a global telephone directory application, has released another app Truedialer to help users access all relevant information about a person before they say Hello to him/her after the initial dial.

Available for free download for Android and Windows phones, the Truedialer app is available at Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store, while the iOS-compliant app is to be released soon, said the company.

With Truedialer app, users can automatically search for name, caller’s profile, photo, if available once they input the number to dial. The app helps users to ward off any unwanted calls to some unkonwn numbers , which may land them in trouble or danger later on, said the company.

The app first searches the users’ contact list and its own Truecaller’s database that has about 85 million global user profiles with over 200,000 new users addd daily. If it fails to connect with known number from its database, it keeps the number for in missing contact information in the call log.

The developers claim that the Truedialer app can protect users from the spammers and marketeering companies or unwanted advertisers. Since it gives the info before the call is materialized, users can disconnect the unwanted calls.

Moreover, the app tags those numbers which are described by the Truecaller’s community as unwanted/spam, so the next user can be notified when he dials the nmber, said the team behind the app.

It also has predictive tex input mode aviailable from Truedialer app’s T9 search support. The Truedialer app can both be a stand-alone app as well as useable in conjunction with the Truecaller app.

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  1. Nice App to get the information of any unknown and unsaved contacts.

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