Truecaller Launches Truemessenger in India, to take shot at Holaa! App

truemessenger appOnline mobile software maker Truecaller has launched its Truemessenger service for Android phones to keep spam at bay on mobile phones with intelligent app that can replace SMS-based unwanted messages from the user’s phone in India.

Since spam messages constitute more than 15 percent of all SMS messages worldwide, Truecaller said its spam filter “Truemessenger” acts as name or phone blocker and also vets the messages on Gmail in India.

The Truemessenger can put a name to a number, even for contacts outside the phonebook and lets users to detect, block, and report spam. The app also avoids messages from unwanted numbers and contacts. However, they are not entirely lost as they are sent to a separate folder.

The Truemessenger app allows advanced filtering options via customised filters where known spam keywords or number series with area code or country code will be blocked. Truecaller has also created a special message alert tone and soundtrack for its Truemessenger app.

“With Truemessenger we’ve reimagined the SMS app experience by making it more social and putting control back into the users’ hands so they always know who they are communicating with,” said Alan Mamedi, CEO & co-founder of Truecaller.

However, Truemessenger is not alone in the market as recently Nimbuzz has launched Holaa app to take on TrueCaller. Holaa is also a free caller ID app on Android that allows users to block spam calls with the caller’s name, photo and location during an incoming call live.

It also allows users to search people’s names based on their phone numbers and block them if they are in spam list of Holaa! community. It works in sync with Facebook, Google accounts. The Guragon-based chat and mobile VoIP provider Nimbuzz is now owned by UK-based New Call Telecom.

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