Tracking Heart Feelings? Indian Scientist Develops ‘Inner You’ (INYU) Wearable Device to Know Heart Status (VIDEO)

To be released into the market soon with a price tag of Rs.9,000, the “Inner You” wearable device developed by Indian-origin researcher Srinivasan Murali, co-founder and CEO of Switzerland-based SmartCardia, can help one track the status of his heart both for medical evaluation and also to assess the emotional status, tracking those who fail love affairs rush to its assistance.

The Inner You (INYU) “helps the user to track and manage his or her physical as well as emotional health,” Srinivasan Murali told the media. The wearable device was developed after years of research from Embedded Systems Laboratory at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland and its price has been made less than Rs.10,000 so as to make it affordable in India and other developing countries too, to keep off expensive heart medical tests in five-star hospitals.

The INYU measures real-time signals from the body like ECG, breathing, skin conductance and physical activity to a pres-designated smartphone or a computer device using Bluetooth 4.0. The device is also helpful for swimmers who hold breath before jumping into the pool and it can be personalized in many ways, said Murali.

The device can also be used to control smart lights in a room music players, or digital products in the vicinity, using its bluetooth feature. INYU sensors can also detect immersive playing on a computer and tracking yoga exercises in real time to transmit vital signals to a host device. To control one’s emotions, lights, colours and music can be altered to suit the mood, he added. The device will be marketed soon in India in 2015.

The system is self-driven by the user who can realize his emotional levels and adjust the internal state. “For example, one could reduce stress conditions by breathing exercises or games and use the features to prescribe yoga exercises,” says David Atienza Alonso, director of ESL.” Many features and components of the device INYU can be modified according to each user’s preferences, he said.

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