Torrential Rains Hit Chennai, Flights Cancelled, PM Calls up Jayalalithaa

As torrential rains hit Chennai since yesterday, all flights to and from Chennai airport have been cancelled, said Deepak Shastri, director of the airport, adding that the floodwaters have reached the level of undercarriage of aircraft.

Since flights cannot take off unless the water levels recede, he said it could take few more days. Even city-based local trains and inter-state train services were affected due to flooded water affecting the rail tracks, said officials. The weather forecast is that the rains will continue for at least 3 more days and the situation is back to what the city experienced ten days ago.

The officials have deployed the army and navy personnel on Wednesday to low-lying areas of Chennai city where thousands were stuck in their house tops. Several schools and colleges opened on Monday were closed again and turned into shelter homes for the affected and evacuated people.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called up Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa late last night assuring centre’s help and assistance. In his tweet, Narendra Modi said: "Spoke to Jayalalithaa Ji on the flood situation in parts of Tamil Nadu. Assured all possible support and cooperation in this unfortunate hour."

The city received a maximum of about 23.5 cm of rainfall on November 16, far exceeding the previous record of the highest rainfall of 14-cm on Nov 7, 2005. More than 120 people were killed in the floods in the last two weeks.

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