Too Much Exercise Affects Sleep, Says Study on Cyclists

Too much of exercise may affect sleep patterns and also makes you moody and reluctant to exercise in future, says a new study on 13 cyclists conducted by researchers of Loughborough University in the UK.

After monitoring the athletes’ moods, sleep patterns and performance before, during and after exercise, researchers discovered that even 9 days of rigorous exercise can cause “significant and progressive decline in sleep quality.”

Even diet of high carbohydrates during the period failed to elicit positive results, they said. As days pass by, the athletes’ moods not only worsened but also affected their determination to do exercise, they said.

Though the cyclists spent more time in resting on bed during the rigorous training schedule, caused by tiredness, it did not help in more sleep either. “Sleep efficiency was significantly reduced during the intensified training period,” said researchers. Instead, the cyclists woke up more during the sleeping hours, they noted.

Moreover, they companed of changes in their moods as days passed by in rigorous exercise, while tension, anger, fatigue, confusion, depression and stress-feeling became more visible, said the study.

High carbs consumption helped to yield positive results in some but not all. “The cycle of successful training must involve overload to a state of acute fatigue, followed by a period of rest. If overloaded training is not followed by sufficient rest, overreaching may occur,” the researchers said.

The study has been published in the Journal of Sports Sciences.

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