Time to Scrap IAS ?

D.K. Ravi Kumar’s death, purportedly by committing suicide, is a telling reason why the higher echelons of the country should overhaul the Indian Administrative Service or Indian Police Service, as they cannot ensure their independence and safety any more.

The hype around the IAS was created on the lines of ICS that was reminiscent of the colonial masters’ tool to govern India at the local level. Soon, it took a pan-India character in the form of IAS and followed by Indira Gandhi’s desire to make it truly integration-centric tool for the centre.

The spirit is good but the ground reality is extreme, especially in view of the recent attacks and humiliations meted out to the officers with numerous ‘transfers’ unleashed by ‘goonda raj’ in many states. Essentially, the lure of IAS is gone and it has turned into a service befitting the spineless officers.

Ask any Bangalorean today, they will firmly say no to join “IAS”. The death of DK Ravi that too by “committing” suicide speaks lot to the tech city of India. Those who joined the IAS from IITs when their classmates opted for IT sector have begun to see the difference in quality of life now.

The stark difference is vivid. Satya Nadella, son of an IAS officer chose to join tech sector and rose up to head Microsoft, thanks to his father for not binding his son to the service in which he languished for decades. Similarly, Haryana IAS officer Khemka from a top IIT is getting shunted around for his revelations against Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra.

Back in Bangalore, today, political parties are taking stands and strides to cash in on D.K.Ravi Kumar’s death and seeking CBI probe but given a chance there should be a probe on every construction mafia, sand mafia and traders mafia, colleges mafia, if CBI is free to do it.

The CBI probe should not be limited to DK Ravi’s death but on the builder-polician nexus and even the previous BJP government ministers were on a spree usurping city lands before they were sent home. As long as land mafia is strong, no system can survive in its honest form.

Moving ahead, the death of Ravi may distance the talented youth from applying for Civil services and the UPSC may end up screening more submissive candidates than those with a mind of their own.

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  1. The above source is discriminatory(north,south).This Issue is illustrating only one side of the coin,where the other side is critically missing(young bureaucrat taking on land and sand mafia and creating a huge exchequer for the local govt).
    Early Comments are invalid in this issue,where it is yet to finalize regarding the death caused by suicide or murder.Moreover the biggest fact was”Bureaucrats are the backbone of the nation and india’s developmental process”.
    Without these honest and dedicated bureaucrats no prime minister can even dream of developed and corruption free india.
    R.I.P-MR.D.K.RAVI ias

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