Tilted Trains to Run on Bangalore-Mysore Stretch in 90 Mts Soon

tilted train

If the ongoing trial of tilted trains or light-weight trains of Spanish company Talgo is successful, it would be introduced on the stretch between Bangalore and Mysore, brining down the travel time from 3 hours to half of it at 90 minutes, said Railways minister.

Union Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu on Saturday said the train clocked 180 kmph in its trial on Mathura to Palwal and the technology is promising as it is cheaper and runs on existing tracks, instead of laying new rail tracks as required for Japanese Bullet train. “Since there are a lot of curves on the Bengaluru–Mysuru line, it will be better. We will start in a short time,” the minister said.

The soubling of track between Bangalore and Mysore is already completed and the electrification would also be completed soon. The only major task still pending is shifting Tipu Sultan’s armoury, which is underway with the US company Wolfe Pvt. Ltd. ahndling it.

“In all probability, the track-doubling project will be completed by the year-end and tilting train coaches will be an added attraction on the tracks,” said state minister for major industries and infrastructure R.V. Deshpande.

Tilting train coaches are light weight and can run on curves without decelerating. The first trial run on the stretch between Bareilly and Moradabad was successful, said Mr. Prabhu.

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    .Naxalite wants the same to their jungle tribes.

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