‘Threes’ Puzzle Game, New Floppy Birds Waiting in Wings, Now Made Free

A clone of 2048/4096, the latest craze is for Threes that is hooking the people of late though it is paid game at an affordable price of $3.49, that is destined to pick up faster than expected, say analysts.

There is evidently enough thought and work has gone into the game to make it endlessly addictive for those who wish to play alone within their confines of room or travel seats. The only disadvantage is its price, though small, goes against the availability of many clones at no extra cost to download.Threes

After initial reaction, the puzzle game is now ad-supported making it available for free on Apple devices and Android phones, making it compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Now that Floppy Birds is passe and forgotten, a new look game similarly addictive is waiting in the wings and may be Threes fills the void for now. It depends on how the word of mouth spreads on social media for the free version to pick up numbers.

Threes, a tiny puzzle game, “It’s surprisingly adorable, for a game starring numbers, says a Joystiq review. To download, click HERE.
“It’s the kind of game that embosses the rules on your brain within 30 seconds, but then compels you to spend the next two hours playing, certifies Pocket Tactics.

Essentially, a pocket game aimed at your brain capabilities beyond imagination, it gives an endless challenge from one simple game mode with an endearing cast of characters, soundtrack with an excellent and award-winning design. ry it and tell us.

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