This Man Chased Tigers in India Zoo, Watch Video Going Viral 6 Months After

The gory picture of a Class 12 Delhi School boy jumping the fence and falling into the enclosure of a white tiger named Vijay and soon killed by piercing his neck with its teeth is a passe in less than a week now.

A video that was uploaded six months ago resurfaced all of a sudden on Twitter and Youtube showing a drunken man jumping into the enclosure and chasing couple of tigers with a wine bottle in hand not heeding the visitors who were seen shouting at him to return. It has 466,748 visitors already.

The Youtube video published on March 26, 2014 with a title “Indian Student Jumps Into Tiger Enclosure And Survives” shows the inebriated village hero just in his trousers without his shirt but a bottle in his hand chasing an already scared tiger back into its cave.

When the visitors at the zoo were shouting and urging him to be careful and return, the hero goes ahead and looks inside the cave apparently challenging the tiger to come out, reminiscent of similar instances only in Bollywood films. With the other tiger just looking at him from far, he returns to a bench and sits on it in a meditation pose, all this within the tigers’ enclosure in a zoo.

A heroic act just to impress the visitors, no doubt. The police van comes to the zoo at the end of the video shoot and we have to conclude that the man has come out safely. In the last one week, the video attracted more than 3 lakh views in view of the death of the Class 12 student at the hands of the white tiger in Delhi zoo.

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