Shashi Tharoor (IANS)

Tharoor Demands Impartial Investigation Without ‘Political Pressure’

A day after Shashi Tharoor’s domestic helper came up with new information regarding the death of Sunanda Pushkar, Tharoor on Saturday writes to Delhi Commissioner, questioning the omissions and errors by the Police in the death inquiry.

Demanding an impartial and speedy investigation “without any political pressure” in the case, he said he was troubled with the conclusion arrived at the case. He said, “I have already written to the Home Minister regarding the partial inquiry of the whole case.”

Tharoor said, “I have been taken aback as there is no foul play in her passing away. I have been silent on this issue for the whole year. It is my duty to not undermine the enquiry.”

Tharoor is addressing a press conference in Thrissur for the first time since the death of Sunanda. Talking to the media persons, Tharoor said, “I have lost my wife and I have not been able to mourn in peace.”

Tharoor had already told the police that he will cooperate with them and is ready for any inquiry and investigation.

Meanwhile, as per reports, police will question Sunanda’s son Shiv Menon, cousin Ashish Dass, brother Rajesh Pushkar and cardiologist Rajat Mohan.

On Friday, while questioning Tharoor’s staff Narain, he has revealed that the couple had a fight and Sunanda has told him that if she speaks everything to the media, “Tharoor will be finished.”

Narain has also mentioned a person named Sunil, whom he referred as “Sunil sahib”. He said Sunil had been with Sunanda at the hotel two days before her death.

Narain has also said that it is Sunil who helped Sunanda to send messages in twitter. However, this seems to be a new turning point in the case.

However, after Narain has been questioned, Tharoor has filed a complaint to the Delhi Commissioner stating that his domestic helper has been “repeatedly physically assaulted by one of your officers. Worse, that officer used the traumatic physical assault to try and intimidate Narayan into ‘confessing’ that he and I murdered my wife.” Narain has been interrogated by the police twice earlier, after Sunanda’s death.


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